the more interesting thing, tho, will be how this power interacts with the gleeful nihilistic takedowns /exposures already pounced out by ‘the private sector’. soon as snowden’s outed he’s tarnished as a bum otaku sexfiend; meanwhile dzhokhar gets a fandom. how do you blackmail a generation that’s already 95% disclosed before a public that’s basically schizophrenic?
My genes done gone and tricked my brain
By making fucking feel so great
That’s how the little creeps attain
Their plan to fuckin’ replicate
But brain’s got tricks itself, you see
To get the bang but not the bite
I got this here vasectomy
My genes can fuck themselves tonight.
The R-Selectors, Trunclade (from Blindsight by Peter Watts)

Tomato Is Another Day (1930-1933) via The New Inquiry.

"[A]n unparalleled bit of Dadaist pranksterdom and parody whose pun-heavy critique of Hollywood writing and directing styles, at six and a half minutes long and eighty-two years old, still resonates more forcefully and hilariously than most that have followed.”