If the end-game of Gramscian struggle is the isolation and emasculation of the ruling classes’ ensemble of questions, as a way to alter the structure of feeling of the dispossessed so that the next step, the violent overthrow of the state, doesn’t feel like such a monumental undertaking, then I would argue the pedagogic value of retaliating against police by killing one of them each time they kill a Black person, the expropriating of bank funds from armored cars in order to further finance armed struggle as well as community projects such as acupuncture clinics in the Bronx where drug addicts could get clean, and the bombing of major centers of U.S. commerce and governance, followed by trials in which the defendants used the majority of the trial to critique the government rather than plead their case, have as much if not more pedagogic value than peaceful protest. In other words, if not for the “pathological pacifism” (Churchill) which clouds political debate and scholarly analysis there would be no question that the BLA, having not even read Gramsci, were among the best Gramscian theorists the U.S. has ever known.
Frank Wilderson III The Vengeance of Vertigo: Aphasia and Abjection in the Political Trials of Black Insurgents (via animeterrorist)
the more interesting thing, tho, will be how this power interacts with the gleeful nihilistic takedowns /exposures already pounced out by ‘the private sector’. soon as snowden’s outed he’s tarnished as a bum otaku sexfiend; meanwhile dzhokhar gets a fandom. how do you blackmail a generation that’s already 95% disclosed before a public that’s basically schizophrenic?
My genes done gone and tricked my brain
By making fucking feel so great
That’s how the little creeps attain
Their plan to fuckin’ replicate
But brain’s got tricks itself, you see
To get the bang but not the bite
I got this here vasectomy
My genes can fuck themselves tonight.
The R-Selectors, Trunclade (from Blindsight by Peter Watts)